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Assistant Director Position Sheet

The assistant management job involves close collaboration with a manager. He assists the latter in his missions, handles the tasks related to the organization, finds and transmits information, finds answers to practical or secondary questions to facilitate the work of the manager. His function can lead him to assist several executives in companies, even supervise a team and serve as a relay with various departments such as human resources, the legal sector, the financial and communication.

The activities of the assistant director

The duties of the assistant manager are as follows:

  • It guarantees the preparation and the follow-up of files;
  • It manages the agenda, the mail, the agenda and the schedule of the manager;
  • He organizes meetings, makes appointments;
  • He controls and provides the documents essential to the mission of the manager.

Among the executive assistant assignments are the elaboration of the minutes, the separation of the contacts and the secondary and essential information. The Executive Assistant may be responsible for ensuring smooth travel and travel, conference-type events, trade shows and other meetings.

Competences and qualities of the assistant director

The assistant manager's job description states that he must be able to express himself comfortably in writing and orally, but he must also demonstrate:

  • Mastery of office software suites, in this case important aspects such as word processing, the use of spreadsheets, dashboards, e-mail ...
  • be organized and have a sense of planning and ranking.
  • Have leadership and budget management skills.
  • Depending on the mission to be fulfilled, it is often imperative to master one or more other foreign languages.
  • With an excellent relationship, he is autonomous and can take initiatives. Being able to adapt to various environments, it has a strong proposal capacity and a resource on which its superior can rely.

Trainings leading to the position

Several courses exist, from bac to bac + 2, to integrate this profession:

  • BAC Pro secretariat;
  • BTS Executive Assistant, Small & Medium Business Management Assistant, Trilingual Assistant Secretary;
  • BTS Assistant Manager, Assistant Manager for SMEs & SMIs;
  • DUT Business Management and Administration option management applied to small and medium organizations.

Some large companies may also prefer university profiles such as bachelor or master (economics, management, letters, languages ​​or law) or business school graduates.

Opportunities and prospects for evolution

Executive assistant positions are available in both public and private institutions (SMEs, SMIs, large enterprises) and their assistant executive position sheet varies according to the size, organization and field of activity of the organization. the structure.

With experience, the executive assistant can be promoted to the position of communication officer, general services manager, event production manager or sales manager, thus obtaining the status of manager.


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