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Job description Administrative and Financial Director (CFO)

The CFO is one of the strategic senior executives of a company. He is responsible for all this support to the administration and finances of the company. To this end, the tasks and requirements for this position require a profile of the most demanding and versatile. You aspire to the job of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you want to know more about the ins and outs of such a career, the job description below is for you!

Who is the CFO?

The CFO or the Administrative and Financial Director is the person in charge of finances, budget and also acts as coordinator of the different departments of the company. In this capacity, he is in charge of and responsible for the choices and strategies (from execution or implementation, to the balance sheet and monitoring of the said strategies) financial.

The qualities of a good CFO

A good CFO will be required to be:

  • focused, meticulous on the management of the company's financial flows while focusing on the well-being of employees, necessary to gain

  • a good negotiator, intuitive about opportunities, to drive and drive financial strategies, their various components and directions.

  • Weighted, cautious, but with a sense of anticipation and initiative

  • Empathic and sociable, but charismatic, because of constant contact with collaborators and partners

  • Great capacity for analysis and synthesis

  • Diligent, proactive

  • Subtle and discreet

  • Sense of priorities.

Academic background, experience and skills

In francophone countries, a CFO candidate will have to provide:

  • ten years of experience (or at least some of them and strong skills), preceded by a university degree in economics / finance / accounting / banking finance and additional training in management. He should also have knowledge at least, very valuable in finance law in the context and internationally

  • a perfect mastery of spoken and written French

  • mastery of the office pack as well as management and finance software

  • Mastery of two or three official languages.

Role and responsibilities of the CFO

The role and missions of the Administrative and Financial Director, in addition to the management of the CFO service of which he is the natural supervisor, can be summarized in these points:

  • Coordination and management of financial activities (budgeting, balances and expenses, accounting, development of financial resources including investor research, contracts ...).

  • The compliance of the financial activities of the company with the legal and regulatory provisions in force in the jurisdiction and internationally.

  • The management of real estate equipment and furniture of the company.

  • Documentation of the financial activities of the company.

Opportunities and salary

The job of CFO opens the doors of SMEs, as well as those of accounting, financial analysis and more. More and more one can also exploit this profile for freelance or internet services.

In France, the CFO can receive an annual salary of between 30,000 euros and little more than 50,000 euros.


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