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Salary Business Manager

Called also charge d'affaires, the manager of business is a position that one finds in many companies. This business makes the most of the sense of relationships with customers. Many of the subtleties behind the term responsible business and here is what you need to know about this profession.

What is a business manager?

The manager of business is found in different companies and its main mission will be monitoring the client portfolio of the natural or legal person to whom he will sell products. The position of Chargé d'Affaires can be found in large companies as well as in SMEs, associations or even local authorities.

In concrete terms, a business manager will have in his objectives the analysis of the different needs that his clients may have in order to be able to offer them ever more appropriate solutions. To have better results, the business manager will follow his project from beginning to end to ensure its viability and, above all, its profitability. In many cases, the business manager will also be responsible for drafting and negotiating the various offers and contracts.

What are the studies to do to become a business manager?

To be able to practice as a business manager, it is usually necessary to have a training in an engineering school or in a business school. Professional masters may also allow access to such a position. Some account managers have also passed a DUT or a BTS such as "negotiation and customer relations" and management of business units.

What is the salary of a business manager?

As in most professions, the salary of a business manager will depend on his level of study as well as his professional experience. For a start, we consider that the average is around 33k € gross per year. For a business manager with a few years of experience, this average can reach € 38k per year while for an experienced professional, more than ten years of practice, the salary can reach € 45k.

Of course, this remuneration may also depend on the company in which the business manager evolves and according to the number of assignments entrusted to him.


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